KBRS Backer Board

The integrity of your tile is only as good as its foundation. KBRS Backer Board provides a strong, lightweight, waterproof, and vapor-resistant tile base for wet areas. It is an XPS foam panel manufactured with a waterproof proprietary blend of synthetic polymer mortar and an alkali resistant fiber mesh. This gives it a highly rigid structure and exceptional bonding strength.


Using KBRS Backer Board to build walls over stud framing in wet areas is an efficient alternative to using gypsum board. While cement backer boards are moisture-resistant, they are not waterproof. Thus, additional measures must be taken to protect wall cavities from water and vapor penetration.

KBRS Backer Board Technology

With its special properties, the KBRS Backer Board has a wide variety of applications. Use it as a carrier element, as an adhesive surface, for moisture protection, as a design feature, for composite sealing and more.

  • alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh
  • polymeric cement mortar
  • XPS Foam
  • 4" X 4" X 61"
    RTT - HC - 61
  • 4" X 4" X 61" KBRS HardCurb®
    Anchors Glass Doors, Block & More!
    Just Add Tile

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