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Building for the hospitality industry requires high-end, low headache design. KBRS can accommodate your hotel project with a variety of waterproof shower solutions. We can help accelerate the construction schedule, improve labor productivity and reduce long-term maintenance, which all adds up to a lower total cost of ownership. Our flexible systems can go with the flow, whether you are building modular pods or custom bathrooms on-site. Plus our friendly team of experts will always make room to give you the service you need.

Hard Core Commercial Bathrooms

Streamline your hospitality construction with our waterproof, foolproof systems.

No Reservations With KBRS.

When it comes to quality products and happy customers, KBRS is Hard Core. Our innovative products are a wake-up call to the industry. Made from lightweight and durable materials, KBRS tile shower systems offer custom sizing and easy installation. Our passionate team is in place to make choosing KBRS an easy decision. See more specifics on our technology, our products, and our people on our "Why KBRS" page.

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Infinite Solutions

Basins, slopes, drains, curbs, and more – KBRS has the perfect product for your next hotel project. Our rock-solid, surface-ready custom shower bases and components are exceptionally durable, easy-to-install, 100% waterproof and ready to be finished with any decorative shower surface imaginable.

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Browse these beautiful photos of our work in the hospitality industry. Imagine how we can help you with your next project. Our custom solutions can solve any challenge you can dream up.

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