When it comes to quality products and happy customers, KBRS is Hard Core, all starting with how our products are designed & made.


Starting with materials often found in surfboards, KBRS manufactures custom shower bases and mortar replacement slopes 100% in the United States. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) - the core of many modern professional surfboards - is lightweight, moisture resistant and contains durable properties making it the preferred choice for custom KBRS shower bases. And by starting with a 3-pound high density EPS core, then adding a combination of epoxy and glass fibers to the exterior of the EPS core, KBRS is able to create an unusually durable and reliable product.


When it comes to the variety of KBRS products, you can expect nothing but the best.

  • Our custom manufacturing process allows us to build for any application in any size. Choose from one of our existing sizes, or custom design to fit your need.
  • With the high density EPS core, epoxy and glass fibers, you know it is built to last.
  • No extra work is needed before installation. They come delivered with no overlapping seams, pre-sloped & 100% waterproof.
  • Thanks to KBRS manufacturing process, all of our tile shower products are easily installed by anyone with minimal construction skills.
  • Once installed, relax and enjoy your new space. Not only sturdy and waterproof, but also mold & mildew resistant.


KBRS products are Hard Core. There is no doubt the KBRS team are not only just as Hard Core, but passionate as well. KBRS manufactures each basin in one of two facilities in the Southeast. Our over 75 team members are involved in everything from order entry to quality control, customer service, and R&D. Our team of trained technicians are ready for your advanced custom shower project. They love a good design challenge!


KBRS takes pride in offering tested and ANSI certified products.

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