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The KBRS Linear Line has two tileable wet area substrate options that provides the required positive floor drainage in a tile shower assembly that will be utilizing a linear style shower drain. The KBRS Linear Line is a rock-solid alternative to a field-sloped mortar bed. Once installed, the Linear ShowerSlope can be waterproofed using either a liquid-applied or bonded sheet-applied positive side membrane.

This instructional video will demonstrate how to install the KBRS, Inc. Linear Tile-Basin® to ensure your shower has the proper drainage, without any leaks.

This instructional video will demonstrate how to install the KBRS, Inc. ShowerSlope, HardCurb®, and how to apply the KBRS ShowerSeal® waterproofing system to ensure a completely leak-proof system for absolute peace of mind when installing a tile shower.

Installs in 30 minutes or less! The Tile-Basin® (Patented) has become the most trusted ICC approved tileable shower base in North America. The Tile-Basin® is manufactured with KBRS Hard Core Technology, making it rock-solid and 100% leak-proof, guaranteed.

Product Information

Why Choose the KBRS HardCurb®:
•. Self-Sealing
•. PVCap™ Anchoring Layer
•. Fast & Easy Installation (10 Minutes or Less)
• Attach with Common Modified Thin set
If all that wasn't enough reason how about the V8 leaving not a single dent. We are HARD CORE!

With KBRS, there is no need to worry about a mold buildup. Our tile shower bases are waterproof and non-porous; therefore, the standard "weep holes" (which typically allow water to slowly “weep” down the drain over time in a tile shower drain) are rendered obsolete.


Tile showroom dealers have many things to consider and a lot going on in a typical day. When a shower install is involved there are a host of additional challenges, liabilities, and hazards; however you can gain peace of mind by using KBRS, top of the line premier tile shower systems and virtually eliminate liability and risks, all while saving a full day of labor and making more money in the process.

Live at the Tampa Home & Garden Show 2016 a customer shares her strong opinions on KBRS and why you need this system. "Be done with your bathroom."

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