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Wasting time with mud beds is a thing of the past. Build confidently with waterproof shower pans that are guaranteed to be leak-free and save time. The KBRS Tile Basin® or KBRS ShowerSlope™ are your rock-solid, customizable, tile-able pre-sloped shower pans for a faster installation. Whether you need a standard-size shower pan, have a one-off custom design or need to bulk order custom showers, we are eager to make your project succeed. Quit playing in the mud, order your waterproof, tileable shower pan today and let’s check this project off the to-do list.

Hard Core Residential Bathrooms

Build confidently with KBRS leak-proof shower systems.

Dedication to hard-core quality.

A home deserves quality – quality materials, quality construction, and quality systems. Look to the KBRS "Hard Core" line of shower pan systems that will provide a homeowner with peace of mind and help protect the builder’s reputation of creating quality homes. Learn more about the technology, products, and people that make choosing KBRS, an easy decision.

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Infinite Solutions

Basins, slopes, drains, curbs, and more – KBRS has the perfect product for your next shower project. Our rock-solid, surface-ready custom shower bases and components are exceptionally durable, easy to install, 100% waterproof and ready to be finished with any decorative shower.

Bathroom Inspiration

Find your bathroom and shower inspiration with these beautiful photos from some of our residential projects. Imagine what KBRS can do for your home. If you can dream it, we will create it.

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