Linear Drain Tile-Basin® Shower Pan

Equipped with our patented perimeter flange and hard curb attachments, the Linear Drain Tile-Basin® comes factory water-proofed and ready for a fast and easy installation. Better yet, it is guaranteed to prevent leaks.

The Linear Drain Tile-Basin® is one of two options in the KBRS Linear Drain Line that provides the required positive floor drainage in a tile shower assembly that will be utilizing a linear style shower drain.

Customize It

KBRS Linear Drain Line shower pans are easily installed using modified thin-set mortar. Linear Drain shower pans are available in standard sizes and unlimited custom sizes (up to 9500 square inches).

Custom sizes are available for the Linear Drain Tile-Basin®, so you can get it in any size or shape you can imagine.

Linear Drain Tile-Basin® Technology

The Linear Drain Tile-Basin® is a "turn key" tileable solution to building a 100% leak-proof shower floor. The KBRS Linear Drain Tile-Basin® is pre-waterproofed under strict quality controlled conditions and comes equipped with a factory applied perimeter flange and/or curb/ramp combination to meet any custom specifications. ADA ramp and/or barrier free options are also available.

Custom Sizes

Contact your local dealer or our customer support team for sizing options.

All KBRS Linear Drain Tile-Basin shower pans are custom built and made to order to meet your exact needs. If you’d like a quote, visit our calculator page or give us a call at (866) 912-3211 to talk through your unique design needs. We are Hard Core on custom. Almost anything is possible!

L_Tile-Basin_Custom1.png L_Tile-Basin_Custom2.png

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