Linear Drain Tile-Basin® Shower Pan

Equipped with our patented perimeter flange and hard curb attachments, the Linear Drain Tile-Basin® comes factory water-proofed and ready for a fast and easy installation. Better yet, it is guaranteed to prevent leaks.

The Linear Drain Tile-Basin® is one of two options in the KBRS Linear Drain Line that provides the required positive floor drainage in a tile shower assembly that will be utilizing a linear style shower drain.

Customize It

KBRS Linear Drain Line shower pans are easily installed using modified thin-set mortar. Linear Drain shower pans are available in standard sizes and unlimited custom sizes (up to 9500 square inches).

Custom sizes are available for the Linear Drain Tile-Basin®, so you can get it in any size or shape you can imagine.

Linear Drain Tile-Basin® Technology

The Linear Drain Tile-Basin® is a "turn key" tileable solution to building a 100% leak-proof shower floor. The KBRS Linear Drain Tile-Basin® is pre-waterproofed under strict quality controlled conditions and comes equipped with a factory applied perimeter flange and/or curb/ramp combination to meet any custom specifications. ADA ramp and/or barrier free options are also available.

Custom Sizes

Contact your local dealer or our customer support team for sizing options.

Here are some custom designs we have created for customers. Give us a call at (866) 912-3211 to talk through your unique design needs. We are Hard Core on custom. Almost anything is possible!

L_Tile-Basin_Custom1.png L_Tile-Basin_Custom2.png

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